My Point of View: Super Bowl Ad Favorites

Hello Dear Readers!

This is the first post of what is hopefully going to shape up as my marketing blog. Credit goes to my Digital Marketing professor at NYU, who encouraged us to start a blog and create entries every week, reviewing anything marketing related. I am looking forward to this new challenge, as I must admit that writing lengthy paragraphs has not been my strength thus far, even though blogging isn’t unfamiliar to me. This is also a great place to let you know that I am now in my second semester of my Integrated Marketing program at NYU pursuing a Master of Science degree. Hopefully my humble fashionista side will marry well with the marketing guru I am destined to be! I am very excited about this new journey and even more excited that I get to share some of it with you through this outlet. Here we go!

Since this first assignment came about right after Super Bowl weekend, I must give in and write about all those unimaginably expensive advertisements that have been spoken about for more than two weeks now. Some of them appeared before the day of the Super Bowl, which allowed the world to see them and start shaping thoughts about them. Some got pulled, some never lost popularity, some had fun pre-campaigns leading up to the big day on different forms of social media.

Here I must insert a disclaimer and explain why I decided to include “My Point of View” in the title of this post. As a Hungarian who spent her first eighteen years in Hungary, there are many parts of the American culture that I did not experience first-hand. As a result I may not be knowledgeable about some TV shows, artists or movies that shaped America’s culture in the last century. The list goes on and on, but as a student eager to learn as much as possible about my environment, I try my best to read and ask so I understand more as I go. The cultural difference also comes with a somewhat different sense of humor, this is harder for me to explain but I am sure it has to do with upbringing as well. For these reasons some of the Super Bowl ads never made an impression on me and some others were memorable, so much so that I joined the conversation online.

With all that said, here are my Super Bowl 49 favorites, grouped into categories I thought were most characteristic of this year’s ads.


BMW i3

This ad became an instant favorite, even though the news anchors are not familiar to me. BMW got the message through loud and clear: the i3 is a big idea, even if it seems a bit odd for now. Which is probably what most of the people think when looking at the funky electric car at first. And second.


Kia played it smooth by casting Pierce Brosnan for this advertisement. Money well spent, both on the smart storyline that plays on the character as well as the execution of the extravagant imagery.


The first few seconds of this ad did not seem promising to me but the funny twist to the story landed it on my favorite list. Way to update an old fable with beautiful machinery and have the turtle fall into place at the end.



Even though I doubt that this ad will make me visit a McDonald’s in the next two weeks, it warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.  I was also impressed to see the updated restaurants in the ad and would love to see that cleanliness in person one day.

Dove Men #RealStrength

Dove was the one “Dad and me” ad that stood out to me from a bouquet of not-so-impressive car advertisements with the same topic. Overplayed in some other clips, this ad seemed to be honest and heart-warming. If only they found a better voiceover for the last few seconds.


Budweiser “Lost Dog”

Yes, this puppy ad had to make it on my list. Just like the majority of the viewers, I find it adorable. What I like about it even more is the buzz Budweiser managed to create in a smart and not-so-pushy way. About a week before the Super Bowl, I started noticing the familiar puppy on my Instagram feed and I do not follow Budweiser. Instead, random Instagrammers I follow posted pictures saying they found the lost puppy somewhere in their neighborhood. At first I did not realize that the coincidence wasn’t such a coincidence. Well played, Budweiser!


Always  #LikeAGirl

Overplayed or not, this ad was relevant, fun and put smiles on girls’ faces around me. It was the only ad that convinced me to join the conversation online. The hashtag topped Twitter for the night. Check, check and check!


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